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How to install Snow Leopard on EVGA X58 Main boards:


1.     Use a separate working copy of Mac OS X, such as Kalyway, to install non-live (that would mean not booting up from the Snow Leopard DVD). If you’re starting from scratch and you need help I suggest you read over the previous guide I wrote located here: If you just need Kalyway I’ve found the torrent here:

2.     Download Digital_Dreamer’s X58 Mobo Patch Installer located here:

3.     Unzip it and open “RUN-PATCH_INSTALLER.”

4.     Choose the snow target HDD and Extra folder install mode.

5.     You can download and install the latest version of Chameleon here: or use the one included with Digital Dreamer’s Mobo Patch. Install it to the target snow HDD.

6.     Download located here:

7.     In the JaE-V’s folder, activate chameleon snow leopard support to the target snow HDD.

8.     Load up the Snow Leopard DVD. In Digital Dreamer’s Patch Installer, hit no. 4. Snow Leopard retail should start installing. Follow the process. Make sure the “printer driver option” is not check-marked in order to avoid the install fail. You can install later downloaded from Apple Support.

9.     After the snow installation is done, do not reboot.

10.  Copy all the kexts from Extensions folder in JaE-V’s folder.

11.  Open Snow HDD>Extra>Extensions, erase everything there and paste what you just copied.

12.  Copy the “DSDT.aml” from JaE-V’s folder and paste it in the root folder of your Snow HDD and Extra folder.

13.  Modify the “smbios.plist” from JaE-V’s folder and put it into Snow HDD>Extra.


Before you reboot you need to install graphic card drivers, I believe you’ll be fine restarting but not all cards will work. This is a continuous problem. There is simply no simple way to go about installing drivers or getting the card to work. However, I know for a fact that GTX 260s, 285s, etc are natively supported (without any driver installation), except for EFI strings. For instructions to get your GTX 260 to work (same cards I have), go here: Please keep note that there is an error in the post and you need to check the following post for the correction. Because this guide deals with a safe boot in terminal mode you’ll need to restart anyways. Just reboot and follow instructions from this guide if you have these cards only. You’ll need a file located here:


14.  Once you boot into your new installation with your native resolution you can jump for joy. Feel like installing updates to get to 10.6.2? Before you do so go into your Snow HDD>Extra>Extensions and delete “sleepenabler.kext.” After I installed 10.6.2 this little kext prevented my installation from starting up. If you have windows and macdrive you can delete this little bugger in there as well (or even in Kalyway in worse case scenario).

15.  You’re done.


-ihavearedcouch aka AlanIn4D

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